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5 Housekeeping Challenges and Professional Tips

he housekeeping industry is continuously progressing. It is important to stay on top of client expectations irrespective of whether it is for a Hotel, Corporate office, or private home. There are a unique set of problems that housekeepers might face while cleaning. It is difficult to become efficient at tasks without experience. However, we would like to share some special tips that will help you achieve high customer satisfaction in less time.

1. Housekeeping Challenge 1: Tasks take a long time to complete while the cost of cleaning products is rising.

Keep all the product requirements to the minimum: We keep multiple products and tools available for cleaning, but it is important to keep the products to the minimum. A lot of products options might slow you down. With minimum and correct use of products, you can ensure that you do the housekeeping task swiftly.

Keep all the products together:You might have all the products but unable to use them at the right time if they are not managed properly. For e.g. You might have all the tools but not the cloth you need to complete the job. A microfiber cloth is invaluable for cleaning. So managing the products efficiently can save a lot of time.

Use of rubber gloves: The use of rubber gloves, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, can not only help you protect but also help you do the job at ease. With a pair of rubber gloves, it’s quite convenient to move efficiently without worrying about the unpleasant areas to clean.

2. Housekeeping Challenge 2: You missed some areas in the room

Work methodically to avoid missing areas: Many times, in order to complete loads of tasks, you might miss out on some areas. This might not give a good impression to the client. To avoid this, one should start from the doorway and then move in the clockwise or anticlockwise direction and top to bottom. Starting from the top will avoid the dust falling from the ceiling later. You should finish by mopping or vacuuming the floor so you leave the room sparkling clean. You can also use a checklist so you do not forget to work on any task.

3. Housekeeping Challenge 3: Some cluttered areas look dull even after cleaning when compared to the rest of the room

Areas that have heavy traffic may not get cleaned properly. As a result, they do not look so clean when compared to the rest of the area in the house. It makes sense to clean the high traffic area as little but often. If the surface is not cleaned often, the dirt will get embedded which might take a long time to complete.

4. Housekeeping Challenge 4: You get tired as the day goes on

When you start with the cleaning process of the room, try to work on the difficult areas or the tasks that you find boring. This could include tasks like cleaning the shower, the ceiling, windows, and so on. If you accomplish the arduous tasks first, then cleaning the rest of the room will be like a cakewalk. When the difficult areas are cleaned properly, it will ensure that it gets cleaned well.

Listen to music: You can also listen to music for high energy that will motivate you to complete tasks at a faster pace. Earphones can allow you to move in the room easily with minimum disturbance. It will keep you going and ensure you are smiling.

5. Housekeeping Challenge 5: Rooms look less perfect and gloomy

Often the rooms like in hotels may not have enough light while cleaning. Try to clean the room in the daylight. You can open the curtains and blinds so that maximum light enters the room. If that is not possible, especially in the winters when the light is poor most of the time during the day. In this situation, you can switch on all the lights so you can do the job in a better way.

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