Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services

Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services

We all know that in our house, our kitchen gets dirty faster than any other room. Ideally, it's one of the toughest rooms to clean. Multiple activities in the kitchen like cooking, eating, foot traffic leads to dirt and buildup. The smoke emitted by gas stove is all around the kitchen space and not easy to remove. Today, time is the biggest hurdle. You would like to spend time with family rather than spending it on cleaning the kitchen.
This is where the capability of Deep Cleaning Services, which is a Kitchen deep cleaning service provider in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad, comes to your rescue. With an expert cleaning at your disposal, you no more have to worry about stubborn marks and maintaining the hygiene of your kitchen.

What is Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services ?

A lot happens when you are cooking in your kitchen. The gas stove emits extensive smoke that gets stuck in various places which are also difficult to remove. Besides, there are stubborn marks, rusty surfaces, stained appearance, germs, and contamination which make cleaning even more difficult. With outsourcing your kitchen cleaning, you can stay ahead of your cleaning challenges and serve delicious food instead.
Stop worrying about hygiene and cleaning standards with our Deep Kitchen cleaning services. Our kitchen cleaning services include:-
1. Dusting, mopping and vacuuming, and cleaning floor
2. Internal cleaning of electric appliances like microwave, oven, refrigerator
3. Cleaning of the chimney, exhaust fans
4. Table & chair, Countertop, Cupboard, cabinets, tiles, taps, and sinks
5. Gas stove, burner gate & control knob cleaning
6. Cleaning of dry balcony attached to your kitchen
With our proven processes and experienced staff skills, we leave your kitchen sparkling clean and refreshing in less than the required time.

Why should you choose Deep Cleaning services for Kitchen deep cleaning ?

1. Comprehensive cleaning processes with good cleaning equipment
2. Experienced and trained staff
3. Deep cleaning with no damage to breakable items in your house
4. Provide affordable rates and quick turnaround time
5. Environment safe products and material for cleaning
We ensure, we damage no breakable items while we take care of your cleaning.

Why should you get a professional kitchen cleaning service ?

Kitchen deep cleaning is a tedious task. The list of cleaning activities is endless. Wipe down all the surfaces, do the dishes, vacuum the floor, and clean up all appliances at least once a month. You should get rid of unnecessary clutter from your cabinets, pantry, and refrigerator that is not needed. While it’s impossible to clean all this daily, you can create a timetable schedule for the month to keep your kitchen clean. Time is a constraint most of the time because of working couples, aged parents who can’t cope up with the kitchen challenge. That is why it is better to outsource deep cleaning of your Kitchen rather than struggling to do it on your own.
Similar is the case for businesses like restaurants where again maintain hygiene standard is a challenge. Deep Cleaning Services can help you with restaurant kitchen cleaning or any other commercial kitchen cleaning services in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad.

Frequently asked questions

The frequency of kitchen cleaning depends on the kitchen, whether it is a home or commercial kitchen. For the home kitchen, we usually suggest cleaning in 3 months while for businesses like the restaurant we would recommend once in 2 months.
We can deep clean your house kitchen in 6-8 hours. However, for commercial kitchens like restaurants, it might take a day or two.

Tools And Equipment's Used:

Deep Cleaning using professional grade cleaning solutions, cleaning equipment Single disc scrubbing machine and vacuum cleaner by professional cleaning staff.

  • Diversey chemicals such as R2, Suma Grill etc.
  • Mops & wiper Scotch brite / foam or scrubbers.
  • Bucket/mugs and general cleaning material.


1- Payment Mode: Cash & UPI Apps Only for Domestic Housekeeping Services.
2- Customer need to provide water, electricity.
3- Hard stains will not removed immediately, periodic cleaning require.
4- Customer needs to empty the shelves & trolleys of Kitchen prior to start of work & arrange the material in shelves post cleaning.
5- Kitchen cleaning does not include Cleaning of Utensil.

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